All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

People don’t take trips, trips take people!

Just like every year, this year too our school organised a picnic to Sadhupul for grades 3rd to 10th, and when they heard about the train-ride, they jumped with joy!
We all prepared ourselves for it and the next day, rode the train, tearing through the pines and hearing it’s hissing and screeching sounds. The hooting of the students echoed the cold and dark tunnels everytime we entered them.
It was a great opportunity for the students and the teachers to spend times together and freeze the moments in a thousand selfies!

Our school organised a picnic for nursery to 1st grade students, to the lush greens of Carignano in Mashobra. The students enjoyed a lot and spent their time in swings and also visited the temple there. They were served with refreshments after they had tired themselves post playing and relished the bright summer day of 25th May.